Going for the gold

Your course grade will be determined as follows:

60% In-class editing exercises
30% Quizzes
10% Participation and work in Multimedia Newsroom

100-93 = A 92-90 = A-
89-87 = B+   86-83 = B 82-80 = B-
79-77 = C+   76-73 = C 72-70 = C-
69-67 = D+   66-63 = D
62-60 = D-
  59 and below = F

    You should keep a record of all your work in your folder, which means you have a record of all your grades.

Calculating grades:

    You can compute your average at any point in the semester. 

    1. Add up the grades for all your copy editing exercises, divide by the number of exercises, and then multiply by 6. (Save the result for later.) 
    2. Then take all your quiz scores, add them up, divide by the number of quizzes, then multiply by 3. (Again, save the result for later.) 
    3. Then give yourself a number grade (say, 90, unless you failed to make up work, were often tardy or accumulated one or more unexcused absences) for participation. 
    4. Add the three resulting numbers together and divide by 10. 
    5. Voila! You've got it.

    If you need help on this, or if you have any questions, please ask me

Grades from past semesters


Updated Dec. 28, 2006