Some tips
     This is a short list of a few things that should help you. 

    Placement of attribution: Keep in mind that if the reporter has used sequence of tenses to the detriment of clarity, you should recast the sentence by moving the attribution to the middle or end, which relieves you of the rules governing the sequence of tenses.
    Moreover, if you ever find yourself in a quandary about whether the sequence of tenses rule applies, you can always avoid it by moving the attribution from the beginning of the sentence. If you do that, be careful to make sure the reader won’t be confused by not knowing immediately who or what the source of the information is. 

    After: When you see the word “after” in a sentence, you must keep the relations of the “pasts” clear for the reader. The normal order is: “She was... after she had been..., not “she was ... after she was ....” 

    Suggestions are welcomed (and especially good ones get extra credit). 

Sequence of Tenses

When NOT to Use “Sequence of Tenses”

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When to Use, Part II: The “Not As Simple, But Not That Hard” Part

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