Yep, it's “whoever”
    You're correct! 

    In “Ask whoever/whomever comes this way for directions,” it's “whoever” — even though it's “(You) ask him (or her)” and the phrase “comes this way” is the object of the entire sentence (which then would require a “whom”). BUT “he” or “she” (whoever) is the subject of the verb “comes” in that phrase. Therefore, it's “who” or, in this case, “whoever.”

    Remember every verb needs a subject (the implied “you” is the subject of “ask”), and subjects of sentences are always in the nominative case. Therefore, in the question about whether it's “whoever” or “whomever,” it's gotta be “he” (or “she”).  So, “whoever” (nominative case) is correct. 

    This rule supersedes all other rules as it relates to “who” and “whom.” 

    If you remember this rule — every verb must have a subject, and all subjects are in the nominative case — you will solve the “who/whom” quandary every time. 

    If you don't understand why you got this correct, please ask. Thanks. 

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